vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Patrick Mahony - 2 Common Mistakes New Business Photographers Make

Taking quality photos is an art, but for photographers trying to money out of it, it is also a business, and when one turns their passion into an occupation, it is common to make mistakes. In Patrick Mahony’s opinion, here are two common mistakes new business photographers make.

1. Lack of Knowledge in Pricing

Photography is a very lucrative venture for those who know how to price these essential services like Patrick Mahony. Therefore, you should always take it seriously like any other business venture, earning adequately from it, and pricing should not be difficult as it may seem, but it can vary with duration of coverage, region, industry and other unique factors.

Joining the available photography associations can connect you to a network of professionals like Patrick Mahony, and the necessary resources to help you with pricing your photography services. Also, there are online softwares that can assist you to generate excellent quotes and suggest negotiation tactics but never undercharge when offering these services. 

2. Indulging in the Wrong Social Media Sites

You should always endeavor to participate in social media events and online fashion shows due to the potential the sites provide for photographers. However, not all social media sites are worthy since some of them change their basic mechanics with time.

According to experts, such as Patrick Mahony, it is important that you participate in social media. However, due to its recent news feed algorithmic adjustments, spending most business time on the social media is a poor strategy, especially if you do not have any ad budget. Ensure that you are often reviewing your analytics to generate quantitatively based resolutions on what your business needs.

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