jeudi 22 octobre 2015

Patrick Mahony - Playboy magazine will no longer feature photographs of naked woman

An era has ended at Playboy magazine with news that they will no longer show naked photos of women.

A tradition that has been around for 62 years will soon end after Playboy magazine announced on October 12 that they would no longer feature photos of nude women, once one of the key draws of the magazine for decades.

The cause for this decision is in party due to circulation over the past 40 years having dropped by over 80 percent, which is related to a number of factors. Some of that has been related to a competitive marketplace among other men’s magazines, but photographer Patrick Mahony is also keenly aware of the explosion of nude photographs via the Internet that cost a visitor nothing.

Thus, the novelty of seeing photographs of naked women has considerably diminished, though more tame photos of women will still be a feature of the magazine. Playboy is well versed in offering other things as literature, interviews and other non-sex-related components, which has led to the oft-told claim that people were only buying it for the articles.

While photographer Patrick Mahony is focused on other aspects of the human condition when choosing subjects, he knows that changing tastes are something that every photographer takes into consideration. That’s why he doesn’t try to pigeonhole himself into a single genre.

Such a philosophy helps offer a broader perspective, which is what Patrick Mahony has always sought in attempting to make a statement through his photography.

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