mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Patrick Mahony - Stunning photographs capturing magic of the old and new japan

The work of Japanese photographer Takashi Yasui helps show off the sheer beauty of Japan. 

When it comes to the exotic allure of Japan, photographers such as Patrick Mahony are drawn to countless aspects that make it one of the most unique places on earth. One of the key reasons is that modern and ancient culture finds a way to coalesce into an awe-inspiring visual delight.

Whether it’s a visit to a temple, a pagoda or admiring the majestic backdrop of iconic Mt. Fuji, the ancient side is one that’s been captured by photographers for ages. Of course, snapping photos of amazing architecture from just the past generation, such as the Umeda Sky Building, the Abenobashi Terminal Building and the National Art Center, has become just as popular.

No matter what the inkling of a photographer such as Patrick Mahony might be when it comes to crafting the perfect photo from Japan, the sheer breadth of possible options is simply mind-boggling.

That’s why the offerings of a photographer like Takashi Yasui from Osaka, Japan are so valuable. His Instagram account that he uses to display his outstanding work has close to 60,000 followers. In less than four years, he’s posted nearly 1,100 photographs.

Yasui’s inspiration came from a 2011 meeting with photographers all across the world. Since then, he’s been able to show off areas of Tokyo and Kyoto, some of them legendary sites, while some aren’t, but all capture attention.

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