jeudi 15 octobre 2015

Patrick Mahony - The best wildlife photographs of 2015

In London, the Natural History Museum will show the top 15 wildlife photographs of 2015 beginning on October 16.

The landscape of wildlife is unique in nature, which offers a multitude of ways for photographers to capture this phenomenon. With so many great possibilities, it can be difficult to pinpoint the top wildlife photographs within the span of a year, something a photographer like Patrick Mahony has seen during the course of his photography career.

Crédits - Jonathan Jagot WPY 2015

The Natural History Museum in London has done just that, selecting 15 photos among an avalanche of more than 42,000 entries across 96 countries. Different categories depict various subsections of animals, while others focus on the areas these animals inhabit. Some literally go beneath the surface, depicting life under water.

Regardless of the habitat, photographers like Patrick Mahony are well aware of the circumstances that make such photographs possible. Many of these photos come on the spur of the moment or have been honed over years of becoming more familiar with the nuances that have always been a part of nature.

One of the beauties of taking the right photograph is the fact that there really is no minimum age to take a spectacular wildlife photo. Teenagers freely entered the Natural History Museum’s contest, with awards given to those in the 15 to 17 age bracket.

During those formative years, Patrick Mahony was helping to develop his own portfolio, and uses such winning photos to inspire himself toward greater things in the future.

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